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Above the Fray: Traditional Hilltribe Art offers a broad and diverse collection of exquisite, authentic and traditional textiles woven by some of the most gifted artisans in Laos and Vietnam. See The Artists for detailed information regarding textile artisians, looms, dyes, and more.

All the textiles are naturally-dyed and hand-woven; every item is attentively selected by us for quality, precision,
color-play and charm.

A variety of textile hanger styles are also available to display the pieces as stunning wall-art.

Our textiles are in 9 categories:

Sophisticated “double-wide” shaman cloths (shawls) traditionally used as the centerpiece for wedding blankets and designed to protect the new couple. See Shaman and Healing Cloths for more information.
Traditionally used by hilltribe shaman, these complex shawls carry hidden spirits which are unleashed through rituals of protection and healing. See Shaman and Healing Cloths for more information.
These elegant shawls are traditionally used by both shaman and lay-people and provide healing energy to its wearer. See Shaman and Healing Cloths for more information.

A beautiful and varied selection of naturally-dyed, handwoven, exquisite silk wearable art.
A collection of traditional skirts (“sinh”), many with ikat-style weaving, and brocade skirt borders woven and worn by hilltribe women.
A diverse assortment of authentic hand-woven and/or embroidered hilltribe wear from a variety of tribal groups.

An eclectic selection of handmade bags and purses from Akha, Hmong, Dzao and other tribal groups.
These functional and beautiful handwoven textiles made from cotton or hemp include blankets, wedding sheets, banners, and more.
Hand-made bamboo and hand-carved wooden hangers that elegantly display your textile art.

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