Above the Fray: Traditional Hilltribe Art Jewelry

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Above the Fray: Traditional Hilltribe Art offers a modest and limited selection of traditional jewelry. The designs are striking and unique, and the soft patinas are from authentic local use.

Traditionally, pure silver jewelry (gold is very rare) is handed down in the family as heirloom value, often transferred to the next generation at the time of marriage. Above the Fray chooses not to deal in antique or heirloom items believing that such items need to remain with the culture. Also, due to the high cost of new 100% silver jewelry, the jewelry we offer on this website is solely of lower or zero percent silver.

However, quality jewelry of lower or zero silver content is commonly worn byhill tribe women, and the authenticity of the design and the quality of workmanship is not necessarily compromised by its lower metal value. Indeed, few woman wish to wear their heirloom valuables outside of ceremonial or formal settings, but they do like to wear traditional jewelry on everyday trips to the market or when visiting friends.

Many of the pieces are stunning on western women; some more elaborate pieces – especially the bulky pendant and coin bedecked necklaces - may be better suited for framing and display.

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