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Our Gallery: Textiles - Silk Shawls & Scarves - Blue Siho
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Blue Siho
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Curled Tailed Naga Shoulder Cloth
Giant Spirits and Naga
Blue Siho
Name: Blue Siho

Item#: 7190

Woven with extremely fine threads, this perfectly precise shawl is naturally dyed with a variety of traditional Lao-Tai patterns. The bold pattern on the ends of the textile are Siho or Saang Hong (Mythological elephant-birds), with an ancestor spirit on the back holding flowers, a Hong bird (mythological bird who's belly is the rainbow, a spirit tree, and flowers. The alternating white and very light blue bands depict ancestor spirits on "Mom" (mythological horse-deer) pregnant with spirit trees, small Siho, and Hong with baby Hong on their backs. Beautifully drape, lovely silk shimmer, delicious to wear or hang on the wall. Comes with a photo of the designer and natural dyer holding the textile.

Size: 19 in. x 93 in.

Origins: Houaphon Province, Laos

Price: $285.00

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