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Our Gallery: Tools & Toys - Village Tools - Antique Coconut Scraper
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Antique Coconut Scraper
Coconut Scraper
Weaving Shuttle made of Water Buffalo Horn
Antique Coconut Scraper
Name: Antique Coconut Scraper

Item#: 10068

This approximately 90-year old charming little critter was used for scraping the coconut meat from the inside of the shell. Unlike all other coconut scrapers we have seen with a tongue scraper, this little critter uses its tail as the scraper! A person would sit on the critter's back, and scrape small stripes off of the coconut by rubbing the half coconut's meat against the serrated metal tail end. When all of the meat is scraped off, it is squeezed to release the milk, and the remaining solids are fed to the chickens or pigs - the milk is used in cooking. Nowadays, electric generators propel the scrapers to very quickly (and loudly) scrape the coconuts.

Size: 16.5 in. long, 4.5 in. wide, 6.25 in tall

Origins: Luang Prabang Province, Laos

Price: $130.00

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