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Our Gallery: Basketry - Carrying - Katu Men's 3-Part Basket
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Katu Men's 3-Part Basket
Katu Men's 3-Part Basket
Name: Katu Men's 3-Part Basket

Item#: 8424

You are looking at a stunning 3-part Katu ethnic group backpack basket woven of rattan. These baskets are used by the Katu men when going into the forest as the backpack fits snugly against the back and does not snag or catch as easily as open backpacks do in a jungle environment. Well worn, smoked, with a beautiful patina, this very strong and flexible backpack is good for continued use or as a striking architectural accent in your home.

Size: 24.5 in. high, 15 in. wide, 10 in. deep

Origins: Central Highlands, Vietnam

Price: $220.00

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