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Our Gallery: Textiles - Naga in Warm Natural Colors
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Silk Weavers of Hill Tribe Art (Book) autographed by authors Joshua Hirschstein and Maren Beck
Naga in Warm Natural Colors
Name: Naga in Warm Natural Colors

Item#: 9039

This hand-reeled, naturally dyed, handwoven silk large Shaman cloth or ceremonial wedding blanket has another one of my absolute favorite Naga patterns from Souk. This piece is filled with Naga (mythological river serpents) in multiple shapes and forms; two-headed in the borders, and with diamond heads, triangle heads, pregnant (every other color dot in the body is a different color from the main) or not, crested and not, boxes of Naga (one line with multiple naga heads), Naga with and without "teeth", with diamonds of flowers in-between, and hidden ancestor spirits. Cut silkworm cocoons made into flowers finish the edges. A classic, traditional, warm, rich textile that comes with a photo of the designer and natural dyer modeling the piece.

Size: 30 in. x 84 in.

Origins: Houaphon Province, Laos

Price: $865.00

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