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Our Gallery: Textiles - Akha Piat Shoulder Bag
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Silk Weavers of Hill Tribe Art (Book) autographed by authors Joshua Hirschstein and Maren Beck
Akha Piat Shoulder Bag
Name: Akha Piat Shoulder Bag

Item#: 6028

This is the traditional Akha shoulder bag made of the wild jungle vine called piat. The piat is harvested, soaked to eliminate the non-fibrous material, the piat pieces are twisted together into a long thread using the traditional Akha drop spindle, and then knotted into this bag usually using a tool made of water buffalo horn. This bag has a handspun, handwoven then braided cotton strap, decorated on the edge with bright pink yarn. A photo of the woman who made this bag posing with it and her baby on her back is included.

Size: 15 in. wide, 10 in. deep

Origins: Luang Nam Tha Province, Laos

Price: $85.00

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