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Our Gallery: Spiritual Art - Jarai Rong House Drum
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Silk Weavers of Hill Tribe Art (Book) autographed by authors Joshua Hirschstein and Maren Beck
Jarai Rong House Drum
Name: Jarai Rong House Drum

Item#: 0015

Generations heard its deep resonant boom of this J'rai (Jarai) drum as they were called to ceremony, rituals, and emergencies at the "Rong House", the central temple-building in the village of this Central Highlands ethnic group. This absolutely unique 150 year old drum is made from a hollowed out tree trunk, with one drum head from the skin of a male water buffalo, and one drum head from the skin of a female water buffalo. The original pegs to hold the skins are made of bamboo; a half dozen pegs were replaced by metal nails generations ago. There is a small split on one skin on the drum edge, but the drum heads are whole and resonate beautifully; there are some dings and dents from years of use, and a generous coating of authentic dusty patina. The exposed wood in the middle shows wear, exposing the grain of the wood. We obtained this drum from a small shop that said it was made available when two smaller Jarai villages merged to take advantage of the one village's richer agricultural lands. This drum is appropriate for museums and serious collectors. Call regarding shipping requirements and options (over 200 lb/90 kg). This is a highly unusual antique that commands attention! Buyer pays actual shipping costs.

Size: 42 in. long, 30.5 in. head radius

Origins: Central Highlands, Vietnam

Price: $9,500.00

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