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Our Gallery: Archives - Used Black Hmong Dangling Earrings
The Archives Gallery displays items that are no longer available. If you desire a similar item, please
contact us and we will search for one on our next venture to that hilltribe's region.
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Used Black Hmong Dangling Earrings
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Used Hmong Earrings with Dangles
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Used Black Hmong Dangling Earrings
Name: Used Black Hmong Dangling Earrings

Item#: 4049

This is an incredible pair of used Hmong aluminum (for weight) earrings with only a few dangling pieces missing. These earrings show signs of wear from years of use by a Hmong woman, and are as traditional as you can find. The earrings are worn with the fern frond section in front of the ear (the small end enters the ear from the back) and will not show the missing pieces when worn. As a display, these are a terrific example of traditional art, and worn, using included hooks that fit American ear-holes, they make a dramatic statement. Fun and funky authentic ear art!

Size: 3 in. wide, 3.6 in. tall

Origins: Vietnam

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