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Our Gallery: Archives - Black Hmong Red & White Funeral Jacket
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Black Hmong Red & White Funeral Jacket
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Black Hmong Red & White Funeral Jacket
Name: Black Hmong Red & White Funeral Jacket

Item#: 7427

This is a 60 to 70 year old Black Hmong funeral jacket, bought from the woman who made it when she was 17 - she is now 70. She made an extra funeral jacket and belt, and is selling her extra jacket and belt now so she can benefit from her work. This jacket, belt, and skirt set are the traditional outfit in which Black Hmong women in this region are buried. Although the Black Hmong in the village in which this outfit is used do not wear skirts on a daily basis, they still wear a skirt to be buried in. The jacket and belt are generally made by the woman in her teens in preparation for her funeral, and packed away until needed. This outfit has not been worn. The hemp used in the jacket has been indigo dyed to a very dark blue, and then waxed for shininess. The sleeves and back are embroidered in silk in an older-style pattern no longer made by the Hmong women in the area, and has been embroidered on commercial red cotton before being mounted on the body of extremely finely woven and indigo dyed hemp and small portions of handspun indigo-dyed cotton. The jacket openings are lined with what appears to be finely handspun, handwoven cotton dyed a light indigo. All of the fibers used are natural, as the Hmong believe that the spirit will not be released to go to the next world if it is tied to this world with any artificial fibers that don't disintegrate when buried. The belt is of the same colors and related pattern, embroidered in silk on commercial red cotton, mounted on the indigo-dyed, waxed hemp belt by strips of handspun indigo-dyed hemp with applique and embroidery. The belt has twisted fringe ends and two panels of embroidery. The skirt is of newer manufacture, and is made of indigo-dyed local handwoven bark fiber that has a look and feel of cotton. This was woven with a dyed indigo stripe, then overdyed in indigo. It is constructed in the traditional manner, pleated on top and between panels, and then pleated all over.

Size: N/A

Origins: Lao Cai Province, Vietnam

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