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Our Gallery: Archives - Small Rice Basket
The Archives Gallery displays items that are no longer available. If you desire a similar item, please
contact us and we will search for one on our next venture to that hilltribe's region.
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Small Rice Basket
Sticky Rice Basket
Ta Oi Protective Mask
Ta Oy Spirit Mask
Ta Oy Spirit Mask
Small Rice Basket
Name: Small Rice Basket

Item#: 3036

A nicely used small sticky rice basket with a warm patina, this double-walled, lidded, bamboo basket is an excellent example of this type of household tool. After stick rice is cooked over the fire, it is placed in baskets such as this to stay warm and bug-free to wait for a meal, or it is used to take food on a trip or to the fields as a lunch box. This basket has been well used and smoked, and has very minimal bamboo cracking damage from appropriate use which adds to the authenticity of the piece.

Size: 4 in. tall, 4.75 in. diameter

Origins: Luang Prabang Province, Laos

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