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Our Gallery: Archives - Sedang Clothing Storage Basket
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Sedang Clothing Storage Basket
Sedang Three-Part Basket
Siho and Ancestor Spirit Textile
Silk Shaman Cloth
Silk Shaman Cloth
Sedang Clothing Storage Basket
Name: Sedang Clothing Storage Basket

Item#: 1605

Triple walled clothing storage basket made and used by the Sedang minority tribe of Kon Tung Province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. This basket if made of rattan external walls and a combination of rattan and bamboo inner walls with a third layer of what is most likely tobacco to discourage insects, all standing on a wooden base. This is a marvelously used basket with only a few minor breaks in individual rattan strips. Its structure includes a graceful bamboo top knot with a wood finish that is split to form the ribs of the lid. Rattan loops on the sides are designed for carrying the basket when moving. There is a design woven into the outer walls made of rattan most likely dyed with indigo. A lovely lusterous patina shows primarily on the and the decorative tying holding the edges together.

Size: 32 in. high x 15.5 in. wide

Origins: Central Highlands, Vietnam

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