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Our Gallery: Archives - Large Opium Scale
The Archives Gallery displays items that are no longer available. If you desire a similar item, please
contact us and we will search for one on our next venture to that hilltribe's region.
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Large Opium Scale
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Large Opium Scale
Name: Large Opium Scale

Item#: 1430

Large-sized, authentic, beautiful-patina wooden scale used for weighing opium. The Laos government is encouraging its people to move to other forms of farming, including animal husbandry, so some of these tools are being sold by their owners. This opium scale has a hand-carved wooden case in the shape of a violin with a sliding rattan ring to hold it shut, made to specification to hold its own; carved brass weight, a metal plate, the usual Yao design of 3 strings (one red) with which to suspend the scale, and a measuring stick made of elephant bone with weight markings carved in and stained from the measurement of opium. This scale also has a special measurement guide with an arrow precisely pointing to the point of balance. A beautifully fashioned tool for an out-of-business trade.

Size: 17.5 in. x 6.5 in.

Origins: Luang Prabang, Laos

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