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Our Gallery: Archives - Hmong Dangling Earrings
The Archives Gallery displays items that are no longer available. If you desire a similar item, please
contact us and we will search for one on our next venture to that hilltribe's region.
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Hmong Dangling Earrings
Hmong Embroidered Hemp Skirt
Hmong Fern Frond Earrings
Hmong Fern Frond Earrings
Hmong Necklace with Spirals
Hmong Dangling Earrings
Name: Hmong Dangling Earrings

Item#: 4052

Traditional Hmong earrings handmade with dangling triangles under twisted wire joins attached to embossed metal earring with fern frond ends. Made of a nickle/bronze alloy. Traditionally worn by pushing the smaller end through the back of the ear, these come with optional hooks to adapt to typical American-sized ear holes.

Size: 1.75 in. wide and 2.4 in. tall

Origins: Vientiane Province, Laos

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