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Our Gallery: Archives - Flower Hmong Blanket
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Flower Hmong Blanket
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Flower Hmong Blanket
Name: Flower Hmong Blanket

Item#: 6616

Hmong blankets are repurposed and assembled from skirts that were handmade for a previous year's wear. Each new year, a Hmong woman will make a new outfit for new years, and her old skirt is made into a blanket like this one. The embroidered strips in this blanket were made and worn by Flower Hmong women. Each Flower Hmong skirt will have one row of hand-embroidered fabric decorating the bottom of the skirt, thus many skirts worth of embroidered panels were required to create this one blanket. The strips of hemp were from village grown hemp that was peeled, twined into a long string, woven, ironed between a rock and a log, and then embroidered by hand with these bright designs favored by the Flower Hmong. Some of the batik strips were dyed in indigo prior to being embroidered. The side strips on this blanket contain strips of braid, ribbon, and thick yarn that are machine stitched onto predominantly black commercial fabric to make additional colorful designs on a skirt. Blankets made predominantly with hemp as the supportive fabric are becoming harder to find as the Hmong women are gradually shifting to purchasing commercially made printed fabrics to make their skirts as a time saver.

Size: 75 in. x 54 in.

Origins: Lao Cai Province, Vietnam

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