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Our Gallery: Archives - Aqua Man-Woman Healing Cloth
The Archives Gallery displays items that are no longer available. If you desire a similar item, please
contact us and we will search for one on our next venture to that hilltribe's region.
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Aqua Man-Woman Healing Cloth
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Aqua Man-Woman Healing Cloth
Name: Aqua Man-Woman Healing Cloth

Item#: 1519

A subtle light aqua, handwoven, natural-dyed healing cloth with precise weaving and delicate colors, this piece has an aqua-on-aqua "man" panel with a natural, yellow, green, gold, and coral center diamond and bordering panels, and a "woman" side with solid supplemental weft in primarily natural, and then the same additional colors. The primary pattern is a center diamond representing the all-seeing "third eye" or "cosmic navel", with additional patterns of crested naga (mythical river serpents), hong birds and flowers, with borders including horses, siho (mythical elephant-lions), budha figure in a temple, naga towers, and flower patterns. The weaving is very fine and precise.

Size: 63 in. x 16 in.

Origins: Houaphon Province, Laos

Site Design: DIGI Studios