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Our Gallery: Textiles - Shoulder Bags - Hmong Hemp Shoulder Bag
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Hmong Hemp Shoulder Bag
Hmong Hemp Shoulder Bag
Name: Hmong Hemp Shoulder Bag

Item#: 6639

Handspun, handwoven, indigo-dyed hemp makes up the main structure of this bag. It may need some rinsing to let out the loose dye. The embroidery is all done by hand by our friend Sho's sister, whose's photo is included with the bag. The middle panel is from the back collar of a family member's jacket and embroidered in silk with commercial cotton applique. The side panels are from the sleeves of a girl's or woman's jacket, and embroidered primarily in acrylic on faux hemp material. The shoulder strap and body of the bag is from a hemp vest, as evidence by the white embroidery on one strap side and the back.

Size: 12 in. square

Origins: Lao Cai Province, Vietnam

Price: $45.00

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