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Our Gallery: Textiles - Tribal Clothing - Tai/Lue Headscarf
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Tai/Lue Headscarf
Tai/Lue Headscarf
Name: Tai/Lue Headscarf

Item#: 7433

The Lue women in Vietnam, and the Tai Dam women in Laos all wear handspun, handwoven, indigo dyed headscarves that have been hand embroidered with designs designation the woman's village and personal tastes. They also have donut-shaped circles with fabric wrapped around them and then embroidered with multicolored silk threads. This headscarf also has small bands of printed Chinese fabric to add color and style, according to the maker's style. Lovely as a neck scarf.

Size: 14.5 in wide x 64 in long

Origins: Son La Province, Vietnam

Price: $45.00

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