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Our Gallery: Textiles - Tribal Clothing - Girl's Red Yao Hat
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Girl's Red Yao Hat
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Girl's Red Yao Hat
Name: Girl's Red Yao Hat

Item#: RDBH30-1

Red Yao children and babies all wear handmade, highly decorated hats that make them appear as flowers to the evil spirits flying overhead, so the spirits don't bother the children. This hat is for a girl as shown by the full embroidery, and it includes glass beads and red yarn tassels for decoration. In addition, the front of the hat has two older brass bells to scare away the spirits encountered on a path, and triangle patterns of older handmade aluminum half-moons, typical on these hats (note: one half-moon is missing from the top of the center triangle, and one has a broken edge on the viewer's right triangle). The base fabric is indigo colored cotton, with applique strips of commercial red and blue commercial cotton.

Size: 18 in. circumference

Origins: Lao Cai Province, Vietnam

Price: $30.00

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