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Our Gallery: Textiles - Silk Healing Cloths - Tapestry Weave Healing Cloth
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Black Tapestry Weave and Ngeuak Khii Saang Cloth
Large Traditional Healing Cloth
Spring Green & Apricot Healing Cloth
Tapestry Weave Healing Cloth
Tapestry Weave Healing Cloth
Name: Tapestry Weave Healing Cloth

Item#: 9037

Souk designed this healing cloth with the center section filled with water pattern tapestry weave. There are three rows of discontinuous supplemental weft patterning bordering the tapestry weave section: one large section of two-headed naga (mythological river serpents) and phii nak (the extremely fierce mythological giant spirits), framed by two rows of saang hong (mythological elephant birds) pregnant with naga. A photo of the natural dyer and designer wearing this textile comes with the purchase of this hand-reeled silk, handwoven, naturally dyed textile.

Size: 18 in 84 in

Origins: Houaphan Province, Laos

Price: $525.00

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