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Our Gallery: Textiles - Silk Healing Cloths - Large Traditional Healing Cloth
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Black Tapestry Weave and Ngeuak Khii Saang Cloth
Large Traditional Healing Cloth
Spring Green & Apricot Healing Cloth
Tapestry Weave Healing Cloth
Large Traditional Healing Cloth
Name: Large Traditional Healing Cloth

Item#: 8122

This is a stunning, large, graphic man-woman healing cloth woven with a background of rich red made from the resin of a scale bug, lac, or "khang" in Lao. This red sets off the stunning, yet initially jarring juxtaposition of colors used on each end of the textile. Woven of locally raised and reeled silk, naturally dyed, and hand woven, this piece is an example of the stunning traditional weaving and patterning the Tai Daeng people of Laos are know for. The pattern includes a center diamond of flowers, representing a lantern to light the way to the spirit world, surrounded by naga (mythological river serpents). Border this section are rows or ancestor spirits in "wax naga boats", representing the boats made from leaves with a candle placed in them and floated down the river some time in the fall to send wishes to the ancestor world. These "boats" also provide transportation to the spirit world for the shaman using these cloths for ritual ceremonies. Silk worm cocoons, cut to resemble flowers, make up the delightful finishing ends. Comes with a photo of the natural dyer wearing this textile.

Size: 19 in. x 104 in.

Origins: Houaphan Province, Laos

Price: $525.00

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