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Our Gallery: Textiles - Silk Shawls & Scarves - Chinese Key in Blue
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Chinese Key in Blue
Name: Chinese Key in Blue

Item#: 8117

The Chinese Key pattern (or, as a Lao weaving friend of ours declared vehemently "no, it's the key to the world of weaving!"), is a brilliant repetitive pattern mesmerizing the eye, and yet calming. Woven of hand-reeled, naturally dyed, handwoven silk the lovely warm ivory background sets of the blue pattern and borders of flowers abutting the central border panel of diamonds of Naga (mythological river serpents). Comes with a photo of the designer and natural dyer holding this textile.

Size: 16 in x 67 in.

Origins: Houaphon Province, Laos

Price: $195.00

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