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Our Gallery: Jewelry - Necklaces - Hmong Half Silver Embossed Necklace
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Faceted Toque Necklace
Hmong Half Silver Embossed Necklace
Hmong Half Silver Embossed Necklace
Name: Hmong Half Silver Embossed Necklace

Item#: 7276

This is a traditional Hmong necklace made, we were told, of about half silver. Many of the tribal silver is lower than 92.5% silver, much blended by the local silversmiths based upon the wealth of the person purchasing it. This necklace has three partial moon plates, flat, and hand embossed with flower designs. Hanging directly down from each of the three plates are bells, with stylized flowers attached to the outside edge of the necklace and narrow flower bells attached to each of the stylized flowers. A dramatic necklace for wearing on special occasions, or stunning when framed and hung on the wall.

Size: 6.5 in. x 13 in.

Origins: Vientiane Province, Laos

Price: $220.00

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