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Our Gallery: Jewelry - Necklaces - Bronze Worry Bead Necklace
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Bronze Worry Bead Necklace
Faceted Toque Necklace
Hmong Half Silver Embossed Necklace
Bronze Worry Bead Necklace
Name: Bronze Worry Bead Necklace

Item#: 7293

Circular bronze beads with some slight wear make up this 3/4" bead necklace. The beads show pounding marks where they were shaped in a mold (most likely a mold made from water buffalo horn as is done by the Akha jewelers) into half-moons before being combined into their full circle shape. The color is a slightly silvery bronze color with developing patina, not quite as yellow as the second picture, but not totally silver either.

Size: 29.5 in long

Origins: Lao Cai Province, Vietnam

Price: $60.00

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