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Our Gallery: Spiritual Art - Ceremonial Objects - Yao Shaman Knife
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Yao Shaman Knife
Yao Shaman Knife
Name: Yao Shaman Knife

Item#: 3024

Yao shaman knife with iron blade, aluminum decorative wedge on the top of the blade, and a ten-sided wooden handle with an aluminum ring abutting a decorative metal top with old chinese "coins" (we don't know if these are actual coins cut down or made coins). The decorative, coin-laden top is wound with ritual strings remaining from the last ceremonial event for which this knife was last used. Shaman knives were not used as actual cutting tools, but to ritually kill the evil or bad spirits for which the ceremony was performed.

Size: 15.25 in. long x 4 in. wide

Origins: Ha Giang Province, Vietnam

Price: $150.00

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