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Our Gallery: Spiritual Art - Masks - Ta Oi Spirit Mask
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Kin Mun Lantien Priest's Mask
Kin Mun Lantien Priest's Mask
Kin Mun Lantien Priest's Mask
Ta Oi Protective Spirit Mask with Pipe
Ta Oi Spirit Mask
Ta Oi Spirit Mask
Name: Ta Oi Spirit Mask

Item#: 9418

This spirit mask is made and used by the Ta Oi ethnic group. These spirit masks are hung on the outside of houses to deflect bad spirits from the home, and inside the house to keep the good spirits pacified in the home so they stay. The central Ta Oi village spirit house also has many spirit masks, as well as carvings, drums, and other ritual carvings. This mask is carved from a thick piece of wood, lending it a weighty heft. Hang it where your, or your friends' house best needs spiritual protection!

Size: 16 in. tall x 11 in. wide

Origins: Champasak Province, Laos

Price: $215.00

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