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Our Gallery: Textiles - Silk Ceremonial Blankets - Phii-Nyak Tapestry
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Intricate Green Naga Textile
Naga, Giant and Ancestor Spirits
Phii-Nyak Tapestry
Pregnant Saang Hong & Naga in Blue
Saang Hong and Ancestor Spirit Textile
Phii-Nyak Tapestry
Name: Phii-Nyak Tapestry

Item#: 10440

Very precisely and cleanly woven, this pale, pale gold on a rich red background textile is full of mythological spiritual power. The precisely woven center tapestry-weave section is filled with the crested, two-armed Phii Nyak - very fierce jungle spirits that will terrorize and eat anyone who wanders unguarded into the forest, but who will provide protection to the child wrapped in a textile carrying its image. The borders of discontinuous supplemental weft are filled with curled tailed Naga, echoing the arm shape of the Phii Nyak. Very fine, with a warm earth glow, this naturally dyed, hand woven, traditional textile woven of hand reeled silk will never lose its intense beauty. Comes with a photo of the natural dyer and designer wearing this textile.

Size: 34 in. x 83 in.

Origins: Houaphan Province, Laos

Price: $950.00

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