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Our Gallery: Textiles - Textile Hangers - Loom Reed Hanger
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Large bamboo hanger: Arch-style
Large bamboo hanger: Asian-style
Loom Reed Hanger
Short bamboo hanger: Arch-style
Short bamboo hanger: Asian-style
Loom Reed Hanger
Name: Loom Reed Hanger

Item#: 256

Hand-polished, beautiful loom component, used on Laos looms as both the reed and beater bar, this piece has an added hanging dowel added for suspending textiles. These currently come in two sizes, 18 " and 33" textile width. The hangers are an additional 6" approximately in width. The 18/24" hanger is $115, and the 33/39" hanger is $140.

Size: 30-39 in. long, 7 in. high

Origins: Luang Prabang, Laos

Price: $115.00

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